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Membership Benefits

Membership with
of Notaries

To fully and confidently succeed in your notary profession, you need a strong partner with the right tools. With the American Association of Notaries Membership Program, we will partner with you and provide you with the expertise you need to do your job right. You'll also have your own web page to market your notary services, skills and availability.

Our team of skilled professionals is ready to assist you and answer your questions promptly and accurately. In addition to online notary education and home study training materials, expert professional services, and great discounts on all of our quality products, we will research your unique questions and circumstances and provide you with the right answers to meet your individual needs.

Why pay more? Our low membership fees of only $19 per year will provide you with so many benefits!

Member program includes:
American Association of Notaries Logo
  • Quarterly subscription to the Notary Digest Newsletter, keeping you informed of new trends and laws.
  • Earn 5% in discounts and 5% in rewards redeemable on your next purchase.
  • 'Members only' specials offered throughout the year that save you money on all notary supplies and training materials.
  • Unlimited expert technical support that will help you maintain your good standing as a professional notary.
  • 'Members Only' log-in area on our informative website:
  • Unlimited use of our logo on your business cards, letterhead, and advertising, establishing you as a professional notary having an alliance with a leading expert notary organization.
  • Free listing in our National Notary Locator to help you advertise and market your services..
  • Calendar and Event reminder with email notification reminder to help you keep track of your important meetings.
  • E-record book that can be accessed 24/7 (check your state laws for compliance).
  • Free reference support letters if needed.
  • Timely notary commission renewal notification well before its expiration, to avoid a lapsed commission.
  • Address and name change forms filed with your state’s notary administrators upon notification from you.

Save time and money! Join us today and your benefits will be immediate. Call now to gain instant expertise and the self-assurance and satisfaction it brings - expertise our members utilize daily. Join the American Association of Notaries and secure a partnership with us that can make you the confident professional you want to be! Call 1-800-721-2663 now or click below to purchase online.

Only $19 per Year!